Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shrinky Dinks and a camera strap

Nothing new made this weekend, but I wanted to pass along some tutorials that I found this weekend...

Ever since I met Mandi at a retreat weekend, I have followed her blog and found so many great ideas :)  In one posting, she mentioned using Shrinky Dinks, and I haven't been able to forget about them since then!  My mom wouldn't let us do Shrinky Dinks, but my grandmother would buy them for us, and I would make them every time I slept over--I thought she was really cool for doing that!  Fast forward 30 years, and it's back again.  So here's a link to how to make your own buttons out of shrinky dinks!  And FYI...Hobby Lobby has plain sheets in their kids craft section.  You can bet I'll be buying some now!

From Oh!! I like that...:

And now for a make your own ring tutorial:

And on a different note, how about a new camera strap from Crap I've Made?!?!?!

So there you have it :)


  1. Oooo, thanks for sharing! That camera strap is wonderful! :)

  2. You reminded me that I meant to do a shrinky dink tutorial and never did! Gotta get that done....

    And I'm bored... I might just go shrinky and dinky something. :)

  3. wow those shrinky dinks are awesome!